ACES LLP Student Board, 2017-2018

The ACES Student Board strives to coordinate with ACES leadership to provide enhanced learning opportunities, professional development instruction, and social experiences for ACES members. This group incorporates feedback from current students to address current issues and develop additional student programs to supplement ACES coursework. The ACES Student Board strictly upholds university policy and operates under the established guidelines defined in University policies.

Sahana Raju

Sahana is a sophomore Computer Science major from Cockeysville, Maryland. Through ACES, she has learned a range of skills from networking to conducting cybersecurity research. Her favorite part of the program is the relationships built between students in the cohort who live and take classes together. Over the summer she interned at Northrop Grumman on the Strategy Team where she worked on the Competitive Intelligence project, helped with University Outreach and gained the support of executives for one of Northrop Grumman’s programs. She was also picked to be in the Future Cyber Leaders program in which our project on Cyber Hygiene won the Best Business Proposal Award. 

Max Newman
Vice President

Max is a sophomore Finance and Computer Science major from Frederick, Maryland. One of his favorite parts of ACES is the opportunities it provides: getting an internship is tough, but with the skills and partnerships created through ACES, they are attainable for students after their first year. 

Kait Leung

Kait is a sophomore Computer Engineering major from Burlingame, California. So far, she has learned not just the foundational skills and tools of the cybersecurity field, but she has also strengthened her interest in pursuing a career in cybersecurity as well. Last summer, she interned at AlienVault, a private security company based out of the Bay Area. She primarily worked in product marketing and management department, but also worked with the engineering department and developed a small portion of one of the company's products. 

Anthony Li
Education Chair

Anthony is a sophomore Computer Science major from Olney, Maryland. He joined ACES because he enjoyed cybersecurity and programming in high school and wanted to learn more about the field in college. Over the summer after his freshman year, he interned at Facebook adding features for over 200 million users of Facebook Lite, a fast-growing alternative to Facebook's standard mobile app designed to operate efficiently on older devices and networks.

Sandra Sandeep
Lab Chair

Sandra is a sophomore Computer Science major from Glen Burnie, Maryland. One thing she has learned from ACES so far is the importance of networking, and that engaging in networking doesn't have to be intimidating! Over summer 2017, she interned at Northrop Grumman supporting preparations on a $50M+ proposal to an international military customer and drafting materials for the AQS-24B sonar business unit.

Rachel Walter
Social Chair

Rachel is a sophomore Computer Science major from Ellicott City, Maryland. She originally chose ACES because she had an interest in computer science but didn't have a definite career goal in mind; she wanted to learn more about the field. Last summer, Rachel interned at Booz Allen Hamilton where she worked to find vulnerabilities in consumer drones.

Elia Martin
Advisor to the President

Elia is a freshman Computer Engineering major from Silver Spring, Maryland. He chose to join ACES because of the technical and policy experience it's able to provide through classes as well as the mentorship with a professional in the cybersecurity field. 

Samantha Pearlstein
Education Coordinator

Samantha is a freshman Computer Science major from Danville, California. Her favorite part of ACES is the community, which helps motivate her and also makes class fun!

Shannen Lam 
Lab Coordinator

Shannen is a freshman Computer Science major from Irvine, California. She chose ACES because the program matched her interests and is able to offer the opportunities to lead her to her career goals.

Joseph Lui
Social Coordinator

Joseph is a freshman Computer Science major from Columbia, Maryland. His goals for ACES are to have personal growth as well as to use it as a launching pad for his future career.